If you are interested in volunteering then please get in touch.

Shona Scatchard

01593 721131

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The DFT volunteers are actively involved with the management and maintenance of the forest. They work alongside one part time forester to achieve the Trust's Mission Statement  and Management Plan.

This is accomplished by:

  • A volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the management, finances and development of the Forest.
  • A group of chainsaw-trained people who help with felling, windthrow clearing and log splitting to provide wood for the monthly sale.
  • The ‘green gym’ volunteers who work on Thursday mornings.

Quite simply, without the volunteers who work tirelessly, the forest would not be the lovely and loved place it is.

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DFT is a charitable Company (SC 033096) limited by guarantee (No. 231402) that

manages Dunnet Forest


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